The presence of these and other wood destroying pests can cause major structural damage in and around your home. Your PermaClean franchise professional is a specially trained structural inspector and will locate the presence of these pests.

Next, a repair to the wood surfaces will be designed to address the termite damaged areas and other structural wood framework of your home.

If your home needs termite fumigation or other mitigation services, your local PermaClean Franchise professional will refer you to our network of pest control providers. PermaClean is a one stop solution for all termite related services: inspection, repair, fumigation.

Termite / Dryrot Wood Repair


Overtime, the presence of environmental molds and mildews on exterior wood surfaces of your home will cause structural damage. Mold found on the roof of your home will usually spread to other wood surfaces on the exterior. Once inside the paint, these molds will cause softening of the wood. This damage occurs whether the surfaces are wet or dry, hence the term "dry rot".

As a licensed general contractor, Your PermaClean franchise professional will design a repair to the wood surfaces of your home to restore structural integrity.

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