Roof Leak Repair and Replacement


Few things cause more damage to your home than a leaky roof. When your roof leaks, not only does the leak need repair, but, if left unattended, roof decking, rafters, insulation, and drywall damage may result.

  • Mold and mildew can also become an issue if leaks are not repaired in time.

This Damage is largely avoidable with PermaClean roof leak repair. As a licensed general contractor, your PermaClean franchise professional will identify the source and cause of the leak.

Next, a repair to the roof surface will be designed to address the leak and other structural elements in the roof.

Roof Leak Repair / Roof Replacement


After a thorough structural inspection, Your PermaClean Franchise Professional will make recommendations to replace your roof if necessary.

Roof replacement is a last resort option based on the age of the roof and the amount of surface area that has failed relative to water tight areas.

As an experienced licensed general contractor, your PermaClean franchise professional can handle the large job of replacing your roof.

If you suspect your roof has to be replaced, call PermaClean today to get an objective analysis of your roof maintenance options.

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