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Problem Areas

If left unchecked...Pests can quickly and unnecessarily cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. It doesn't always take an expert to notice pests in your home. Sometimes it does. However, It definitely takes an expert to eliminate pests

Termite Control

Our Termite Plans are guaranteed to eliminate current infestations and protect you from future termite problems.

Pest Control

They're relentless. They're hidden. They're silent. Our Pest Control Plans will make evict unwanted guests at your home.

Mosquito Control

Create a no-fly zone in your yard. Fight the outdoor bite with our several options of mosquito service.

Rodent and Small Wildlife Services

Evict unwanted intruders like raccoons, squirrels and rodents. PermaClean removes them and installs barriers so they can’t get back inside.

Insulation Services

PermasClean consulation service will increase the amount of insulation in your home to provide maximum protection from the extreme hot and cold of the outdoors. Our insulation is a specially modified, biodegradable P. A. T. (pest, acoustic, and thermal) loose fill product. Unlike fiberglass, There is NO harmful formaldehyde contained in our loose fill product.

Bed Bug Solutions

Sleep tight, with Terminix, the bed bugs won’t bite. End the bed bug nightmare with advanced technology from Terminix.

THE SOLUTION: PermaClean Pest Control


Don't let termites, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs or other foul pests take over your home. Get PermaClean service and keep them out for good. Guaranteed. Check out all the services PermaClean has to offer:

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