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Patio cover construction


Patio covers showing signs of dry rot and termite wood damage not only are unsightly but pose a risk if structural elements are not sound and well-maintained. Decking and Patio covers that are not well-maintained can collapse and be hazardous. The exterior living spaces of your home add significant value to your real estate. If your patio covers are not in good shape then they detract from your home's value comfort and functionality.


The design experts at PermaClean know exactly how to improve the functionality and charm of your exterior living spaces. Patio covers add significant value to your home because they provide shade, beauty and protection. With many design options to choose from, PermaClean can provide a classic or contemporary feel and integrate your patio cover construction with your home's existing architectural design cues.

Patio covers can be made from many different construction materials such as:

  • Redwood
  • Premium Douglas Fir
  • Aluma wood
  • Trex decking

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Additionally the final appearance of your patio cover can be protected with many different coatings and finishing touches:

Red wood stain

Transparent Stain

Solid stain

Acrylic latex

Vinyl Clad Aluminum

Custom Electrical Lighting

Fireplace Integration


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