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PermaClean is concerned with the proper functioning and maintenance of your residential structure. Sometimes a certain structural element needs improvement. More often than not, that element is your home's insulation. Insulation is commonly under-provided by the builder during initial construction.

As a result, most homes are under insulated by as much as 50%. This means higher utility bills, and a drafty uncomfortable living space. Homes without adequate insulation are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Your PermaClean franchise professional is a specially trained structural inspector that can improve the comfort of your home and make it "just right" during all seasons.

PermaClean insulation service will increase the amount of insulation in your home to provide maximum protection from the extreme hot and cold of the outdoors. Our insulation is a specially modified, biodegradable P. A. T. (pest, acoustic, and thermal) loose fill product. Unlike fiberglass, There is NO harmful formaldehyde contained in our loose fill product.

The source material for our P. A. T. is shredded, recycled newspaper material. Further, our P.A T. product is one of the few insulation types that does not produce a harmful dust.


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The benefits of PERMACLEAN insulation service include:

  1. More comfortable living space
  2. More quite inside your home
  3. Reduced utility usage
  4. Service can save money, can pay for itself overtime
  5. Tax rebates and credits for energy retro fitting
  6. Reduce utility usage by up to 66% !!


My house used to cool down about 1 degree per hour when I would run the AC. Since having PermaClean insulate my attic with P.A.T Insulation, my house now cools down 3 degrees per hour. The service is already paying for itself!

CAPT Don Muehlbach, PHD
Carmel Valley

Just wanted you to know that since the insulation was installed, our home has been incredibly more comfortable. During this recent heat wave with the cold nights, we just open up and let the house get cold and then close the windows mid-morning and despite the 93 degree heat, our inside temperature is staying in the 70’s and we don’t need to run AC. Then in the evening we open up again, getting it nice and cool for sleeping. Even the garage, which only has the insulation in the ceiling (no insulation in the walls or the garage doors) is staying cool.... We are just so pleased!

Rancho Santa Fe,

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