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Problem Areas

Like your car, your home should be washed regularly. A home should be washed every year to prevent the following forms of structural damage:

Algae, environmental black mold, and mildew. These organisms Cause home siding to lose structural integrity, fade and discolor

Air pollution. Sulfur and nitrogen pollution on your home are components of acid rain. They cause siding of all types to oxidize, dull, and discolor

Environmental dust and soot. These contaminates cause the home to have a poorly maintained appearance.

The Solution: PermaClean's Home Power Washing Service

Our 4 step wash process will safely and professionally preserve your home

  • If detergent use is necessary, we Pre-Soak All landscaping near the home to provide a protective dilution layer.
  • Apply PERMAGUARD, our proprietary biodegradable house wash formula with polishing agents. PERMAGUARD is currently used on thousands of homes nationwide. Our formula will NOT damage landscaping or siding surfaces.
  • Low pressure detail rinse of entire home
  • Polishing Agent drying process. Our PERMAGUARD formula will also protect your siding from the damaging effects of air pollution, mold and other environmental contaminants. Your home will have a clean, bright look thanks to the polishing agents in PERMAGUARD.

"Don't be pressured by Amatuers"

Is not just our company's tagline it's our business philosophy.

PermaClean literally wrote the book on house washing. So, here is Some advice. . .

Homeowners often get themselves into trouble hiring cheap, unlicensed, under-capitalized handymen to wash their homes. Don't do this! You always get what you pay for in home services. If you go with a low price, you will regret the service experience.

Things to look for in a house wash provider include:

  •  Atlantic Engineering Duct Service Certified
  • Power Washers of North America (PWNA)
  • Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA)
  • United Ifrared Technologies Certified
  • Environmentally Conscious Mobile Power Washing Certified
  • Waste Water Recovery Systems Certified
  •  American Building Restoration Graffiti Removal Certified


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