Imagine owning technology 15 years ahead of your competition. That's The power of Our patented, highly mechanized truck and real time information system. Imagine owning a fully refined business where serious wealth can be created. Well now you can! Change your life and build your American Dream with PermaClean today!

Starting in 2012, PermaClean will offer this franchise to qualified business professionals.


What type of PermaClean operation would you like to run?

Where did you hear about PermaClean franchising?

Are you currently a multi-unit operator?

Do you meet the minimum financial requirements?

Do you have at least $80,000 in verifiable liquid assets, cash and cash equivalents?

Do you have good credit and the ability to borrow $75,000 - $100,000 more to meet the initial investment requirements?

Do you have residential contracting management experience?

Do you currently rent or own your own home?

How many years have you live there?

What is the last car you purchased and how and where was it purchased?

How many cars do you currently own?

Please provide your birth date and the location of where you were born.

Present and original nationality?

Have you served in a military service? If so please provide details.

Have you ever been employed by a municipality or other government entity? If so please provide the details.

Present marital status, duration and do you have children?

Education - What level did you complete, did you enjoy school and did you do well?

Please provide your most recent employment details.

Do you have a history of business ownership?

What is your present level of interest in owning a business?
(1 = lowest 10 = highest)

What are the types of business which interest you?

What attracted you to these businesses?

How will you know when you have found the business which is right for you?

How much time can you devote to building a business?

What have been your greatest business achievements?

What are the most important things to you in choosing a business?

What locations are most attractive to you for a business?

What are your professional affiliations and hobbies?

Describe your experience in personally selling to consumers.

Describe your experience in hiring and managing personnel.

Describe your health and energy level and the time which you plan on investing in building a business.

Have you ever had any legal or civil claims against you?

Have you ever had financial or legal difficulties?

Were you to become an PermaClean franchisee what would be your anticipation of greatest benefit?

Do you meet people easily?

Do you like people generally?

Do people usually like you?

Are you a member of a church or community organization?

Does helping people improve their circumstance motivate you?

How do you handle rejection?

Have you had the experience of having to fire an employee? If so, describe.

What is the level of personal income you would like to achieve through becoming an PermaClean franchisee?

Do you have family members who you might involve in an PermaClean franchise?

Do things mechanical interest you?

Does pleasing people please you?

This franchise is not being offered to residents of the following states: ME, CT, MD, VA, NC, RI, SC, KY, IL, IN, MI, WI, MN, ND, SD, NE, UT, HI, NY & WA.

This offer is not directed to any person in the states listed above by or on bahalf of the francisor or anyone acting with the franchisor's knowledge. No franchises can be sold in the states listed above until the disclosure document has been registered and declared effective by the appropriate regulatory authority and the franchise disclosure document has been delivered to the offeree before the sale within the applicable time frame. This franchise is offered only by delivery of a franchise disclosure document.

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