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Your landscape walk ways, patios, and pool decks add significant value to your property. When these surfaces age and are not maintained properly you risk loosing your investment. Dull looking, stains & fading, flaking and peeling surfaces, damaged grout, mortar and control joints are common symptoms when flat exterior surfaces need maintenance. Don’t let these surfaces fall into disrepair. As a result, most homes are under insulated by as much as 50%. This means higher utility bills, and a drafty uncomfortable living space. Homes without adequate insulation are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Your PermaClean franchise professional is a specially trained structural inspector that can improve the comfort of your home and make it "just right" during all seasons.


insulation service will increase the amount of insulation in your home to provide maximum protection from the extreme hot and cold of the outdoors. Our insulation is a specially modified, biodegradable P. A. T. (pest, acoustic, and thermal) loose fill product. Unlike fiberglass, There is NO harmful formaldehyde contained in our loose fill product.

The source material for our P. A. T. is shredded, recycled newspaper material. Further, our P.A T. product is one of the few insulation types that does not produce a harmful dust.

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PermaClean Solutions:

We recommend PermaClean's specialized cleaning to these surfaces first

We mask off surfaces to prevent overspray

We apply High Quality Sherwin Williams sealants to your hardscape

Surfaces are restored to original beauty, natural colors are revealed and displayed better

Your investment in hardscape is protected!!


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