* Mold, mildew, algae, and years worth of other built up environmental grime are not only Unsightly, they cause damage to the following surfaces:

  • Concrete driveways and walkways around the home
  • Slate, flagstone, and sandstone patios
  • Chimneys and landscape planner walls
  • Travertine, brick and other stone surfaces

*Salt from winter driving is a major cause of driveway spalling, pitting and surface damage. Regular wash service helps prevent permanent effects of salt damage.

Concrete Restoration


*PermaClean uses an advanced machining process on the concrete and hardscape surfaces around your home.

  • Proper water pressure is always used, and is specific to differing hard surfaces.
  • Specialty biodegradable detergents are used if necessary
  • Finish rinsing ensures a clean final appearance
  • Waste water recovery and recycling is employed where applicable

With respect to concrete and hardscape restoration, You can be confident in the recommendations of your PermaClean franchise professional.

No one in the commercial power washing industry has more experience, or more sophisticated power wash technology than PermaClean.

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