Where we operate!

In dense residential areas inside ZIP Codes with 20,000 single home residential structures. Residential population around 100,000 within the defined trade area. Median income greater than $75,000. Your typical middle class and upper middle class neighborhoods.

Equipment Selection

-Gadget Truck Machining Operation
Base package: 2 pump system, waste water recovery, duct cleaning system
Options: 4 pump system, insulation system, carpet tile &grout package

-Residential Contracting Services (Additional training and licensing required)
Residential Roofing and Carpentry Equipment Package

Site Criteria

Business can be located in 1000 square feet or less commercial warehouse space or residential garage, along with home or commercial office space to accommodate office setup. Location of office and or warehouse does not need to be in a prime location, light commercial / industrial areas are adequate.

Lease Terms

-5 year lease amortization of gadget truck equipment package with three 5-year renewal periods
-Third party equipment financing available to those who qualify

Existing Contractors

If currently in the power washing industry or operating as a residential contractor, it is a good idea to Franchise with PermaClean. Contractors get the proprietary equipment and operating software of a growing national brand. We encourage existing contractors to franchise with PermaClean. Arrangements are made to outfit existing equipment with PermaClean systems. Gadget trucks are added to contractors equipment as arranged.

Include the information below when filling out franchise application:

- What type of operation are you looking to establish:

A Gadget Truck Machining Operation,


A Gadget Truck Machining Operation offering Residential Contracting Services.

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